Feel Comfortable, Feel Free…

We will talk about one women passion, about shoes again…but this time in bohemian style…
Bohemians prefer boots, but, it is summer time… so we will show you some models of bohemian sandals, flats, platforms and heels…

First we will begin with heals although they are not comfortable all the time, but many women like them. Bohemian heals are with vivid colors, interesting shapes and interestingly decorated.

Bohemian heals black

Bohemian heals grey

Bohemian heals red

Bohemian heals sandals

For those who do not like high heels chose several models with platform sandals and a Bohemian look.

platform sandals green

platform sandals colored


platform sandals black

platform sandals black with acesories

If these sandals are too high for you than choose flats sandals.

Flats sandals are most comfortable, so if you look around you will see many women wearing them…

flat sandals with lather

2 Flats sandals with blue

3 Flats sandals with aceesories

4 Flats sandals free

5 flat sandals with jewelry

For the end our selection of barefoot bohemian sandals which you will like them or not, but certainly with them you will feel comfortable and free.

1 comfortable and free sandals

2 comfortable and free sandals on the beach

3 comfortable and free sandals indian style

So we choose some models of bohemian shoes for you, and we hope you will like them, and you will be inspire to make some combination with bohemian look, or you will look your all sandals, and with little creativity, you will make new bohemian sandals… It is still summer so enjoy the sun, have fun and feel free, feel bohemian…