Sexist Advertising Today


In our earlier post we were writing about sexist advertising back in the 50s, in which the woman was shown as sexual object, or just as an object. We mention that we hope that the matters are different today. So let us see is it different?

Look at these pictures and see the difference.

cpmp 1



Is there a difference? The treatment is the same. But there is a difference. Unfortunately, today everything is more explicit and more aggressive…

Do you remember on those ads on which the massage was that the place of the woman under the man’s feat? Do we today send different massage, yes of course, but not with these ads.

MODERNIST disturbing-sexist-ads1


The association is clear, the woman is yet under man’s feet… And if trough these pictures are not clearly enough, look at these.

Shoes L

After so many years for fighting for equality, love, respect…

And if you think that these is only in the fashion industry, you are wrong… this is the case also in food industry, beverage industry… everywhere…

modern association mcd



MODER nando-sauce-sexist-ad

You must admit that these ads really “were discrete” and gave only small association. I wonder if the goal is to attract more buyers, to increase the profit… then is this kind of advertising will attract or reject female customers? How this will be explained to our children?

Let’s go on. You think that the ads in the 50s had violence… What you would say about these…Here, as you can see we are equal… And only for clarification, we published only the most nonviolent from the violent ads, and you can find bloodier in real meaning of the world… The question is, for which target group are these ads? What is the goal? To sell…

violence 1

dolce and gabbana pitchfork

But enough with violence… Here is one ad, the ones that confuse, and make as wonder…

GESS suit

What is for sale here, kitchen, coffee…the girl…?

And for the let us not be unfair, and not turn out that that there was no evolution… In the 50s mainly the woman is shown as sexual object, inferior, beaten, repressed…by the man…

You see the times have changed, now “we are equal”, and the man is a sexual object, naked, humiliated, repressed…

advertisement man 1


equinox man 2

dolce_and_gabbana_models-man 4

But we were not thinking on this kind of evolution. These do not make us happy. What can we do? I guess nothing special, we can wait and see to where you can go degrading the man in the name of gaining more money and power. Until then, consider when you buy your favorite brands, how there last advertising campaigns looked like…


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