Sexist Advertising in the Past


If we talk about sexist advertising in past, we usually talk about 1950s, (time before the sexual revolution) when sexism was not only tolerated, but expected and encouraged in lot of different ways, partly through the advertising print.

We have lot of examples of starring happy housewives with makeup, hairstyle and heels, at home, in the kitchen, who can’t do lot of things what men can, but they always can push a vacuum cleaner, make diner, wash dishes and do all that with a big smile.

Have some fun

If your husband ever finds out1

do youstill beat your wife

These ads are full of “good” reasons, advices, knowledge, and even a book when, why and how to beat your wife. What about women and human rights? This is so sad.

good think he kept his head

As you can see “Good thing he kept his head”. You think this is too much? See the next ads.



There was a big chance this BROOMSTICKS ads becoming “my favorite” ads. “Their slacks stand up to all the action”. So miserable.

man are better than women

Its nice to have a girl around the house

“Indoors women are useful-even pleasant”, so “It’s nice to have a girl around the house”, but she had to work hard.

Harder the wife works

For the end the “best for the last”…

Stuffed girls heads

What a great “artistic idea”!!!

Some of the pictures are shocking and depressing.

What were they thinking? If they were thinking at all.

These ads stand as relics to a bygone era, when sexism as racism and other forms of intolerance and oppression were very common. We hope that these times sure have changed! But have they? We hope that all this is far behind us, that the position of women is different now. Maybe in some personal life’s, in some places, in some societies. But in advertising situation is almost the same and maybe worst…

We will show you these in our next text… For now, we can tell you that some of this adds are named as funny, which is ridiculous as the ads are. Stay with us and don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t… what you have or don’t have…