Are Women Still Oppressed and WHY?


Even today in postmodern era, in lot of parts of the world, women a still oppressed by men.

Women still are seen as property of the males of the family, and as owners, the men have the right to make decisions for them. Even women believe that it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife if she is not good enough and if she refuse to do her obligations, which sometimes, understands sex as a marital obligation that wife must fulfill whenever a man wants and can’t refuse.

Give and lose, Kristina Varaskina 1

WHY? There are lots of explanations, and of course we will never find the answers, but we can talk about of some “logic”and “rational”.

Blame it to the hormones?

We find it interesting to share these with you, suggestion from Stephen Goldberg that men are naturally more competitive than women because of their high level of testosterone. He supposed   that this hormone makes them aggressive and power-hungry, and because of that they take over the high status positions in a society. But there is a question, why if they take over the positions of power in a society, they have to despise the women, and inflict so much brutality and degradation on them?

Maybe the oppression of women arises from men big desire for power and control. Looking backward till nowadays, we can see that man have an inexplicable need to conquer and subjugate, and to oppress groups, nations which is the same with need to oppress women.

Change, Kristina Varskina 2

So, men have a big need to gain as much power and control as they can, and they must take away power and control from women, and to make them weak powerless and incompetent in many ways. They deny women right to make decisions and direct with their own lives. Men are trying to increase their sense of significance and status, in an effort to offset the discontent and sense of helplessness, or their fears and weaknesses.

Kristina Varaskina 3

But, can this explain the all terrible story of man’s inhumanity to woman through the centuries, till today. Many cultures have had a strong antagonism towards women, viewing them as impure and innately sinful creatures that have been sent by the devil to lead men astray. We want to remind you that this “theory”is the main justification of the European witch-killing mania of the 15th to 18th century…

Kristina Varaskina 4

There is a theories which make us think that men are scared of the sexual power that women has over them, and meaning that that power can cross everywhere in life and men will became “second gender”. So in many cultures supported from many different religious believes, that sex is sinful, and women are sinful too because they are someone who produced sexual desires. We want to remind you that Eva first give the apple to the Adam, and she made him make the first sin. Eva is guilty.

2013 APA Editorial Photographers Education Grants Winner: Kristina Varaksina

So maybe the men domination and oppression arises from the fear that women can make him make mistakes, to take his strength, and to make him sinful. Maybe men are trying to control women, is trying to control himself, his desires and fears… We will never be sure, but…

Kristina Varaskina 6

But we are sure that (with big respect for all men who know how to love and respect women, and how to be human) the men oppression and domination is still present, in its worst form, hidden, silent and invisible…

REMEMBER, love and respect, make life easier and more beautiful… The choice is yours…

All photos are made by Kristina Varaksina, photographer of Russian origin based in New York, USA.