Knitted Barefoot Sandals


It is summertime. Time to feel the sun, to have fun, to feel free. It is time for summer holidays, for sea and beach…

Do you like to walk barefoot on the beach, to feel the sand under you feet, to rest your feet from the high heels and tight shoes…

You can walk barefoot or you can wear barefoot sandals… You can make them by yourself, or to ask someone to make them for you… at least you can bay them… Look at our choice, and maybe you will get some interesting ideas…

They can be black, or white



Or any colors you want…


knited 12

knited blue

knited red

knited white 2

knited white

You can make them in two or more colors…

Barefoot-Sandals-to colors 1

Barefoot-Sandals-to colors 2

Barefoot-Sandals-to colors 3

Put in some beads and or only beads and you will get real jewelry…

barefoot sandals

Bear fot sandals 2

sandals on foot

sandals on foot2

There some cute barefoot for little kids…

kids sandals 1

kids sandals 2

kids sandals 3

kids sandals 4

You can wear them with sandals, even with your favorite heels…

barefoot-sandals and heals blue

barefoot-sandals and heals red

barefoot-sandals and heals black

barefoot-sandals and heals black 2

Some girls like romantic weddings and unusual places, as weddings on the beach. So here are some wedding barefoot sandals…

braid sandals 2

braid sandals 3

braid sandals 1

We hope that you like our ideas, so use your imagination and be creative.

Have a wonderful summer and long walks on the beach.