Depression Can Change Your Life and Personality

Whether depression is a disease of modern times? We cannot answer this, but it certainly seems so, or we talk more and often about it.
Depression as disease is wide spread, and it is supposed that one in five people suffer from depression at some point in life.

Unfortunately   some facts show that women are twice more prone to depression than men, and that is the reason, why we decided to write today about depression.

depresion painting 2

This is not expert text, but we hope that we will help you recognize some of the symptoms, to show you some of the reasons that can cause this serious disease and to suggest to you some of the ways and activities that will help you, to some member of your family or your friends, and to feel better.


Depression is a serious complex disease that affects your body, mood and thoughts, the way you eat and sleep, the way you think and the way you feel. It affects your social life, relationships with family and partners and your career, or all your life.


The biological, social, cultural and psychological factors influence the frequent occurrence of depression in women. Of course, there are so many reasons that can cause this disease and are closely related to the personal life story and the intimate world of the person, but we separated the five most common reasons.

1. Hereditary factors. Expert says that risk of depression is bigger if someone in the family had received a diagnosis or symptoms of depression.

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2. Loss of a close person. Throughout life we all of one way or another, we lose people who are dear and close, and it creates a feeling of great sadness. If it occurs at a younger age, or several times in a short period, can cause long-lasting sadness that can easily be transferred, or be a strong cause of depression.

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3. Sexual, physical or psychological abuse. The majority of women who suffer from depression have suffered physical or mental abuse, from the closes member of family, from lovers or husbands. Women often become victims of sexual harassment, and combined it with shame and fear is a serious cause of depression.

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4. Frequent changes in the levels of hormones. According to experts women are more prone to depression because of frequent changes in the levels of hormones. These changes are greatest during the most specifics periods as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, and because of the variation of hormones in the body in women happens every month. These are additional reasons that affect the occurrence of depression.

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5. Too many obligations. We must recognize that the modern and emancipated woman has too many obligations. Women today work and caring of most of the housework, for the children, for their elderly parents. But besides that, she has to be educated, to build a career, look nice, and be happy and to stay young and desirable. Inability to achieve all this makes you feel tired and unsuccessful weakness can easily lead to depression.

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In our next post we will write about the symptoms… Till then, remember, this is a serious disease, and of course a big part of the reasons not depend on you, and we cannot change them, but we can learn to live with them, and can do to reduce their impact. What you can certainly do pay you more attention, find time for yourself, do things that you enjoy and that will make you happy, before it’s too late, and remember we have only one life and you must live it as best we can. Smile to the new day…

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All these powerful paintings used in these post, belong to the Margarita Georgiadis, Australian artist, and they are here own way to copes with depression.