Bohemian Rings

Rings always try to find their true owner…

Today we will talk about rings, about bohemian rings. I love rings, and lot of girls, woman do, they are great gift and symbol of love and marriage unite.

When we talk about bohemian rings, we have to say that they can be gold and silver, but usually silver or that is my conclusion because I adore silver rings. They can be expensive or cheap, silver or other metal… It depends of your wish, and of course of your budget Too look bohemian you have to bring bigger rings, and smaller but more than one on one finger.

There is a ring for every finger. You just have to find right one.

We will show you some rings… Just silver first, all they look like silver…

bohemian sliver ring

bohemian sliver ring 2

bohemian sliver ring 3

When we talk about bohemian rings, we usually mean on big silver rings that are usually worn few on one hand, and if they are smaller and more on one finger. The silver rings can be decorated with colored stones in different colors.

Let us start with my favorites, with black stone…

bohemian silevr ring with black stone

bohemian silevr ring with black stone 2

For lovers of colors let us show you rings with different colors of stones.

bohemian sliver ring with color stone

bohemian sliver ring color stone 2

bohemian sliver ring with color stone 3

You can combine the rings with the color of the clothes, with the color of your nails, with your other jewelry.

bohemian combination of rings 1

bohemian combination of rings 4

Or simply to combine them depending on how you feel at the moment.

bohemian combination of rings 3

We offered you a choice, we hope we included in something for everybody taste, we hope you liked them, and that you will make some summer combination… Enjoy in life and have fun!!!