If You Want to be Successful You Need to Have and You Need to Learn


It is not easy to be successful. Even when sometimes you feel so unsure, weak, and disappointed, because the success must be maintained and constant what is not always possible… We will share with you some advices which we think that can be interesting for you, from other experience of other, successful women…

 You need to have

… passion for your work

passion for your work

You have to do your work 8, 10 or 12 hours every day, indeed for couple of years, so you have to love it. If you don’t love what you do, you want be motivated to work, to be innovative to create and to stand out in the workplace. Maybe you will have a good career but it would not give you peace and pleasure. It will be very hard for you and you will be always tired and unhappy.

…have faith in yourself and in your success

faith in yourself

Believing in your own success – no matter how crazy your idea might seem, to you or to other people who are close to you, is the most important key. You have to believe in you, even nobody does, because it is the most important, so you can begin, to go on, and continue on the path that you have chosen.

… take risks

take risks

Risks will always be there, the question is can you carry with them. To be successful, means to take risks. You can’t be always safe and sure and to be successful. Of course you don’t need to make reckless decisions, but you need to take a calculated risk, or you will never know what you really can.

…bigger self control

self control

It depends from your way of acting and thinking, of your flexibility, and ability to focus on important things, on solutions, not on the problems. You need to make decisions fast and calm. You have to change the way of thinking that will make your stronger, and build your self control.

… keeping your friendships and have fun                

have fun                                      

Having a support network is key to being successful. Keeping up your friendships and forming new ones makes you happier and helps your career later on. You need to enjoy yourself to have fun, because that will helped you to excite, and to share better bear stress.

 You need to learn

Perfection don’t exist

Perfection don’t exist

Trying to be “perfect” means lot of wasting time and energy only leads to unhappiness. You need to learn that you can’t do everything well all the time, and that it is not wrong. Beating yourself up dampen your abilities at work, make damage your physical and mental health. You are not Wonder Woman but you are still amazing.

Your “to do” list will never be completed, and it is okay

“to do” list

Sometimes you can be more productive and accept that you’re not going to get everything. Learning to let go of certain goals, responsibilities and tasks can be difficult, but freeing. The pressure of expectation and disappointment unfulfilled obligations may be executed.

How to fall and go on

fall and go on

How to submit to defeat and realize that on the road to success there are some failures. It is normal and that is part of your career to fall down sometimes. But that must not stop you from continuing to the path you have chosen.

 How to say goodbye to your fears

ArtScans CMYK

There are lots of unknown things what you need/can be afraid from. But, remember it happened to the best too, don’t let them control your life, and your success. It depends from you, and sometimes, it is very easy, trust me, you need only to learn to say: I know I can… Or I am not afraid… and your fears became smaller and less important.

Take care for your physical and mental health

Take care

You have to learn how to live and be healthy. You need to take more care for yourself, because, the bigger success often means the bigger stress, and the bigger need to free from it. So try to eat healthy, sleep 8 hours, if you can, do some exercise, and find a little time for things your enjoy. It makes you stronger and ready to face with all problems you will have.

We hope that you find useful our advices, and that they will help you somehow… If you don’t achieved your success today, tomorrow is a new day… Go ahead and just … do it…

All these paintings are from Andrew Atroshenko, a romantic impressionistic Russian artist.