Floral Heels

Women love heels. Women love flowers. But what about floral heels?
We will show some models that captured our attention. Some of them are real art…
Enjoy yourself…

First we will show you some models with black and white background…

Floral Heels white 1

Floral Heels white 2

Floral Heels white 3

Floral Heels black 1

Floral Heels black 2

Floral Heels black 3

These models of heels are with various background colors…

various colors floral heels 1

various colors floral heels 2

various colors floral heels 3

various colors floral heels 4

various colors floral heels 5

various colors floral heels 6

If these models are to colorful for your taste, we suggest to you these models that are just with floral platforms…

Floral platforms 1

Floral platforms 2

Finally some interesting models of models from “Irregular Choice “…

Irregular Choice 1


Irregular Choice 2

Irregular Choice 4

Irregular Choice 3

The best thinг is that you can make your own heels with floral design by making your old ones new with bohemian look, you just need paint, brush and some old heels, patience and a little creativity.

Enjoy yourself and have fun…