Cake Desserts so Pretty That Eating Them Should Be a Crime


Russian cake artist Olga Noskova creates desserts that make Betty Crocker recipes look like the bathroom of a Guy Fieri restaurant. Her over 50,000 Instagram followers would probably agree.

olga-noskova-cakes 1 olga-noskova-cakes 2

olga-noskova-cakes 3 olga-noskova-cakes 4You’ve got a small taste of some of Olga’s work. Prepare for a more intimate experience with the finest cakes.

olga-noskova-cakes 6 1 olga-noskova-cakes 7 1 olga-noskova-cakes 8 1 olga-noskova-cakes 9 1 olga-noskova-cakes 10 1 olga-noskova-cakes 11 1Catch your breath before moving on.

To answer the question you’ve been intensely whispering to no one as you drool all over yourself, yes, her non-glossy work is just as dazzling.

olga-noskova-cakes 12 2 olga-noskova-cakes 13 2 olga-noskova-cakes 14 2 olga-noskova-cakes 15 2We bet you want to see what’s inside these this cakes…don’t you?

olga-noskova-cakes 16 3 olga-noskova-cakes 17 3 olga-noskova-cakes 18 3Alright, you’ve had enough for today.

So now we think that you agree with us that this cake desserts are so pretty that eating them should be a crime.