Alone Beside Him


Are you feeling alone in your relationship?

Are you living with feeling that your relationship has not enough love, respect, attention, or ability to express heartfelt thoughts and feelings?

Are you feeling that your life turned in daily hope that something will change?

That your life turned in everyday lonely struggle to save something?

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Disappointment of not having your dreams fulfilled with the most important people in your life can bring you big heartache and loneliness. Everyone need and want to be loved, accepted, respected, and appreciated by someone, and we all know that. So when you don’t receive these desires, your dreams became crushed and you would be disappointed because your partner is incapable of fulfilling them.

It happens when you live with someone who is most of the time, or long time, unavailable to satisfy your emotional needs, or unable to communicate positive, to hear you, to feel you, then you are living with disrespect, misunderstood, and as time pass, it became more and harder to identify real problems. The unemotional partner usually is unaware of his/ her lack of emotions, which leaves the other to struggling to satisfy his/her desires and emotional needs.

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When you live long time without the opportunity to communicate to your partner what is in your heart and mind, you will not feel loved, respected, and accepted. That can make you feel trapped or unable to change the situation, and to believe your only choice is to force yourself to live in unsatisfying relationship or decide to finish it.

You are not honest to yourself, if you believe that you must exist in a relationship without emotions, you will become physically, spiritually, and emotionally unfaithful as first to yourself than to you partner and to your relationship. You may believe that it is not so bad, that somehow you are having satisfying relationship, behind the despite the loneliness you feel. Unfortunately, you probably are not fully aware what is real situation and problems, and like so many others, you may not know, or you may forgot how a loving, satisfying, and close relationship really looks like, and what you really like and deserve.

alone 3


– express what is in your heart or mind

– be yourself without being afraid of rejection

– freely share thoughts, dreams, sorrows, and tears

– be accepted and respected without question

– feel safe, secure, and loved inside your heart.

Without these you can’t feel loved and respected, you begin to question your personal self-worth. Usually how worthy you feel about yourself is related to how your feelings are received from the close people in your life. You need to sharing the tender and beautiful moments, because it is only way to take enough encouragement to carry you through the next battles of life. The relationship can blossom or be shattered and unfortunately it depends from your partner and his response to the emotions you express.

alone 5

In a relationship is very important to have and feel affection through hugs, kisses, and touches as outward expressions your emotions. How you express those needs to one another will greatly influence the success or destruction of the relationship. Unfortunately, a life without emotion creating relationships without affection. The lack of affection from an unemotional partner creates distances and destroying all potentials for emotional growth of couples. Being in a relationship without emotion and affection is a lonely, agonizing way of live horrible and painful experience which has influence to other people which is the part of the family or close friends.

alone befor last


The question is difficult and depends on how long this situation lasts and how much strength you have.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your partner, so the only one you can do is to change your perspective. You can’t allow yourself to feel so lonely and unworth. You need to be aware of your own value and stand up for what you need in a radical way.

alone last

Usually, people who don’t know how to show and give their life, and as alone in a relationship are raised in unaffectionate home where their parents, or caregivers also didn’t not know how to show their emotions and how to share their love. As a consequence, you are conditioned to live in the same way. So, you can’t change it, but maybe you still can fight for something you are still being handed, no matter how little it is, or just walk away and try to begin from the start.

The choice is yours, and only yours, and all you have to do is to listen to your heart…

All artworks are from Mikhail and Inessa Garmash.