Amazing Knitted Ideas

Looking these amazing clock … they can be amazing decorations for your home…Decorations 1

Decorations 2

Stay with us, we have more interesting decorations to show…

Decorations 4

Decorations 5

…we know that holidays are over, but we really like these holiday decorative items, so we decide to share them with you…

holiday decoration 1

Holiday decoration 2

…they can be good inspiration for the next year holiday season… till then you can try something like these decorations… I don’t know about you, but I will need a year to make these amazing Granny Square Blanket…

Granny Square Blanket 1

Granny Square Blanket 2

Granny Square Blanket 3

Granny Square Blanket 4

Granny Square Blanket 5

Granny Square Blanket 6

…or you can try something simpler for beginning, as these beautiful small sunflowers and stars.




The best part of all is that this amazing works were made by male artist, Matt, who ruined the stereotypes and he and his work deserve a special place in our women world… You can find all of these amazing works, on his blog page.