Mirrors as Art Story…



Sylvia Plath

I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.

What ever you see I swallow immediately

Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.

Janis Joplin miror
Janis Joplin mirror
Marilyn Monroe miror
Marilyn Monroe mirror

A magic of mirrors, endless mystery, and inspiration, for writers, sculptors and artists…

art miror 3 Milady
Milady mirror
Purple mirror
Purple mirror
art miror 5 Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa mirror

We chose for today mosaic mirrors from the American mosaic artist Dorothy Edwards

art miror 6 Sliver
Sliver mirror
art miror 7 Turkish
Turkish mirror
art miror 8 Wise one
Wise One mirror

We hope that you enjoy in the beauty of these mirrors, and that we inspire you to decorate your mirrors…

art miror 9 Elephant
Elephant mirror
art miror 10 Lion
Lion mirror

Look in the mirror, look deep on your eyes, and the beauty of your smile… and have a great day.

art miror 11 Costume jewelry 1
Costume jewelry mirror 1
art miror 12 Costume jewelry 2
Costume jewelry mirror 2